///Aircraft On Display

Aircraft On Display

While visiting the USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum our guests will have access to some of the most integral aircraft in United States Military history。 These aircraft are on continuous display throughout the USS Sea, Air & Space Hornet Museum in the Hangar Deck and on the Flight Deck。

FJ-2 Fury

The first jet fighter in the world to complete an operational tour at sea.

S-3B Viking

Long range anti-submarine & sea surface search aircraft.

HUP-1 Retriever

A ship based utility helicopter for search and rescue.

T-28B Trojan

Over 2200 of each model built and flown by twenty-one nations.

US-2B Tracker

The first carrier-based anti-submarine aircraft combining detection and attack roles.

TA-4J Skyhawk

The primary role of the TA-4J was to train carrier pilots。

F-14A Tomcat

Supersonic, twin-engine, variable sweep wing, strike fighter。

SH-2 Seasprite

Developed in the Mid-1950’s as a shipboard utility helicopter.

TBM-3E Avenger

During WWII the Avenger was regarded as a rugged torpedo plane; used in the Pacific.

F-8 Crusader

The United States Navy’s first supersonic jet fighter.


The Wildcat’s achievements in combat were outstanding。 It had the honor of being the only Navy fighter to serve throughout America’s entire time in the war, from the attack on Pearl Harbor to VJ-Day。

F8U-1 Crusader

The first supersonic carrier based aircraft, primarily used in Vietnam。

F-11 Tiger

A simple, lightweight, day interceptor to protect the fleet。

SH-3H SeaKing

All weather helicopter designed for anti-submarine warfare.

UH-34D Seahorse

Vietnam era personnel transport and combat assault helicopter。

F-4J Phantom II

In 1961, an F-4 set the world speed record at 1,604 mph.

Enjoy Everything the Hornet Has to Offer

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